[Notice] Adjustment Details Regarding ‘Breath of Life’

Greetings, Adventurers.


This is Black Desert Mobile Service Team.


This is to notify Adventurers regarding an issue about the description of Breath of Life and the description mentioned from the [Camp] > [Resource] list. The original description states that you can obtain Breath of Life and Breath of Creation on a ratio of 1:1 through ‘Gathering’, ‘Foraging’, and ‘Mining’. However, we have noticed an issue where the acquisition rate of Breath of Creation was twice and Breath of Life was not possible to obtain.


■ Description: Can be obtained through Logging, Foraging, and Mining

■ Actual: Can only be obtained Logging

- Breath of Life acquisition is doubled through Foraging and Mining


To resolve this issue, we will change the acquisition rate of Breath of Life and Breath of Creation to 1:1 for Foraging and Mining on next week’s scheduled maintenance, May 25 (Tuesday).


In addition, to give all Adventurers the freedom to choose which resource fits them best, we will collect all Breath of Life and Breath of Creation from your inventory and exchange them with a Breath of Life/Breath of Creation Selection Chest.

※ The adjustment mentioned have also included the ceasing of all registered Breath of Life and Breath of Creation in the [Market]

※ Targets to collect and re-send: Inventory, Camp Storage, Horse Inventory, related items stored or currently selling in Market

※ Breath of Creation/Breath of Life Selection Chest will be sent via [Mail] on May 25.

※ Please refer to the mail expiry notice


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

We will do our best to provide you a smooth gaming experience.


Thank you.