[12/24] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2019.12.24


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Greetings, Adventurers!


The update on 12/24 will bring a new region, events, and general improvements to Black Desert Mobile. Now let’s go over the patch notes and find out what changes have come to Black Desert Mobile.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.



South Mediah is a new region for Adventurers to explore. Altinova, Abun Village, Abandoned Iron Mines, and Marni’s Second Lab, are featured in South Mediah. Also, New Titles and New Boss Rushes are just some of the new content waiting for Adventurers to explore.


Recommended CP and Gear Drop Info



Area Recommended CP Rare Gear Drop Info
Abandoned Iron Mine Entrance 2700
[Mystical] Grade Main Weapon
Abandoned Iron Mine Supply Route 2730
Abandoned Iron Mine Site 2750
Marni’s Second Lab 2900
[Mystical] Grade Helmet
Narni’s Underground Lab 2950
Omar Lava Fields 3300
[Mystical] Grade Sub-Weapon
Omar Lava Cave 3350
Soldiers' Grave 3600
[Mystical] Grade Helmet
[Abyssal] Guy Seric Helmet
Soldiers’ Grave Depths 3800
Hasrah Ruins Entrance 4100
Hasrah Ancient Ruins 4600 [Abyssal] Guy Seric Helmet or [Abyssal] Guy Seric Shoes

※ More information on South Mediah can be found in-game.

※ [Abyssal] Guy Seric Helmet and [Abyssal] Guy Seric Shoes can also be obtained through Shakatu’s Gear Shop.


New Titles can be acquired in South Mediah. Here are some of the new Titles available in South Mediah.

Zone New Titles
Abandoned Iron Mine Zone Sheriff of the Abandoned Iron Mine, The Overseer, Lord of the  Abandoned Iron Mine, Friend of Tinya, Liberator of the People, The Executioner
Marni’s Lab Crazy Scientist, The Unbeknownst Humanoid, Secret No. 12


New Collection called ‘Graves Full of Resentment’ has been added.


The level cap has been increased from 55 to 60.

※ Due to the level cap being increased from 55 to 60, the buff [Field Item Drop Rate +10%] which became available at level 55, will now be available at level 60.


- The maximum Enhancement level cap for weapons and armor has been increased from 30 to 35.


[Force Enhancement] is a new Enhancement method to enhance gears.

- [Force Enhancement] can be found in [Black Spirit] - [Enhancement].

- [Force Enhancement] requires [Black Crystal] and [Silver].

- [Force Enhancement] is only available for gear which are [Epic] Grade or above, and is at least +20 [Enhancement] level.

- [Force Enhancement] can be performed regardless of the current [Enhancement] success Rate of the gear.

- Weapons require [Weapon Black Crystal], and armor require [Armor Black Crystal].



How to obtain [Black Crystal]

- [Black Crystal], the key component for [Force Enhancement] has a chance to be dropped from world bosses.


Force Enhancement

- A successful [Force Enhancement] will increase Enhancement level by +1.

- The higher the Enhancement level is, the lower the success rate of [Force Enhancement].

- The Enhancement success rate will not change if [Force Enhancement] fails.

※ In the case [Force Enhancement] is successful, the existing Enhancement success rate of a gear will be adjusted based on the new Enhancement level.



Gear Successful Force Enhancement Failed Force Enhancement
Enhancement Level +25
Enhancement EXP 30%
Enhancement Level +26
Enhancement EXP +26%
Enhancement Level 25 (no change)
Enhancement EXP 26% (no change)

The above table is an example and may differ in-game.




Obtaining Relic

- [Relic Fragments] can be dropped from Spoils of Battle and Ancient Ruins.

- [Relic Fragments] can be used in the Pearl Shop to obtain [Relic].



- Relics can be exchanged of the same grade or type by using Shakatu Exchange Certificate.

* Shakatu Exchange Certificate can be acquired from Spoils of Battle.




Blood Kin Buff has been improved.


Buff Before After

Two Blood Kin

Combat EXP +3% Combat EXP +3%
AP +10
DP +10
Three Blood Kin Combat EXP +5% Combat EXP +5%
AP +15
DP +15




- The cancel button has been removed for completed quests so that players will not accidentally cancel the completed quests.

- Fixed an issue where changing the UI scale will cause some tutorial pop-up messages to not show properly.

- Blood Kin UI has been improved.

* When Blood Kin buffs and quests are received, a message will now appear on screen for increased visibility.

* Blood Kin quests will be shown as locked until the quest requirements are met.



- Combat Plus Buff now gives 10 free revives every day. This total revive count is across your entire family, not individual characters.



- Fixed an issue where the message notifying Adventurers of a purchase in the market will not show up.

- Fixed an issue where tapping the Wear button for Season Outfit will occasionally not disappear.



■ New Events

- Daily Missions Completion Event

- Collection Event

- Hammer of Fortune Event


■ Please Note

- Amazon Prime Event scheduled has been changed to the following:


Set Before (Server Time) After (Server Time)
1st Set 12/11, 00:00 ~ 12/31, 23:59 12/11/2019, 00:00 ~ 1/2/2020, 15:59
2nd Set 1/1, 00:00 ~ 1/14, 23:59 1/2/2020, 16:00 ~ 1/15/2020 15:59
3rd Set 1/15, 00:00 ~ 1/28, 23:59 1/15/2020, 16:00 ~ 1/29/2020, 15:59
4th Set 1/29, 00:00 ~ 2/11, 23:59 1/29/2020, 16:00 ~ 2/12/2020, 15:59
5th Set 2/12, 00:00 ~ 2/25, 23:59 2/12/2020, 16:00 ~ 2/26/2020, 15:59
6th Set 2/26, 00:00 ~ 3/17, 23:59 2/26/2020, 16:00 ~ 3/17/2020, 15:59



■ New Products

- 1+1 Pearl Chest

- Year’s End Chest

- Year’s End Swift Upgrade Chest

- Year’s End Upgrade Chest