Surprise Weekend Events!
EVENTS 2021.04.28

Greetings, Adventurers!


This is Roccio and I am back with great news!


Three amazing events have been prepared for everyone from Friday to Monday that’ll boost your characters this coming weekend!


Wanna find out? Let’s check the details below:


📝 Event 1: 200% Hot Time Event

📢 Event Period

April 30 (Friday), 00:00 – May 3 (Monday), 23:59 (Server Time)


🎁 Event Details and Rewards:

- Receive 24-hour 200% Hot Time during the event period!



April 30, 00:00   

– May 3, 23:59 (Server Time)  

Increase Combat EXP, Drop Rate by 200% in  

Elion/Hadum/Nightmare/Black Sun 


📝 Event 2: GM Surprise Missions Event

📢 Event Period

April 30 (Friday) - May 3 (Monday), 00:00 – 23:30 (Server Time)


📢 How to Participate:

1) Log-in to Black Desert Mobile during the event period 

2) Check the [GM Surprise Missions] between 00:00 and 23:30 (Server Time) 

3) Complete each mission to receive rewards 


🎁 Event Details and Rewards:

- Defeat enemies every day to receive rewards!


(Server Time)   



April 30 (Fri 

Defeat Enemy x 2,000 

Holy Vial of SplendorMedium x1P 

May 1 (Sat)  

Defeat Enemy x 2,000 

Holy Vial of SplendorMedium x1P 

May 2 (Sun)  

Defeat Enemy x 2,000  

[Mystical] Accessory Selection Chest x1P

May 3 (Mon 

Defeat Enemy x 2,000  

[MysticalAccessory Selection Chest x1P


📝 Event 3: Special Push Rewards 

📢 Event Period

May 1 (Saturday) and May 2 (Sunday)


🎁 Daily [Mail] Reward

- Leader’s Blessing (3 Hours) x1P

* The item sent in [Mail] will expire in 24 hours from the day it was sent


※ Please note

- The event period and content are subject to change.


We hope you enjoy these 3 events that will boost your character in Black Desert Mobile!


Thank you!