Regarding the Recent [Gahaz Bandits’ Secret Base] and [Hidden Banquet] Balance Patch

Greetings, Adventurers.

As Patch Notes on April 13, 2021 did not include detailed explanations regarding [Gahaz Bandit’s Secret Base] and [Hidden Banquet] updates, we would like to share further details and plans in this notice.


Developer’s Commentary

■ Purpose
Gahaz Bandit’s Secret Base was updated on March 9th, 2021. Designed to be the Frontline Zone, we created this area to provide the best rewards but also requiring a high difficulty level. This Frontline Zone was built to encourage our Adventurers to grow stronger as CP recommendations as this area’s CP requirement is adjusted according to our Adventurers’ CP growth.
The Hidden Banquet was updated to increase the difficulty level to match the best guilds who are the victors of Siege Wars.


■ Issue
However, the Adjusted CP recommendations for Gahaz Bandit’s Secret Base and Hidden Banquet had not been applied until this update, which was not an intended strategy and allowed our Adventurers to play these areas with a relatively low fixed CP requirement. In addition, we were not able to address the updates regarding the Hidden Banquet which was a controversy for our Adventurers.

■ Scheduled Plans
Intending to make these areas the highest difficulty level, April 13’s update raised the difficulty level as purposed. However, the lack of information and explanation for this system update was an unfavorable conclusion as Adventurers who have been playing these areas experienced a major difference.
Due to this issue, the difficulty of Gahaz Bandit's Secret Base will have reduced adjusted CP standards for Adventurers.
(Updated on April 20)
Since it was difficult to acknowledge the recommended CP in the Frontline Zone due to the [???] indicator which can only be discovered by visiting this area, please note that this was an intended feature that will be intuitively reinforced through the Chaos update scheduled in the future.
In addition, we will continuously monitor and actively check suitable adjustments for Hidden Banquet rewards.

We sincerely apologize for the confusion.


We have also sent the following rewards as an apology to all our Adventurers:

1. Holy Vial of Splendor : Large x 1P

2. 200% Hot Time (3 Hours) x 1P

* Rewards can be received by accounts created at the time the notice was posted.


Thank you.