Eileen's Woes
EVENTS 2021.04.13

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Greetings, Adventurer!

It seems Eileen's troubled about something. Find out what's troubling her and unravel the story behind it!
The first Adventurer to create the final item (and the following 99 Adventurers) after completing the quest (per region) will get an extra reward. Read on to find out more details!

📢 Event Period
After the maintenance on April 13 (Tuesday) - Until the maintenance on April 20 (Tuesday)


📢 Event Details
1) Tap the [Eileen's Woes] quest on the quest list on the right side of the game window.
2) Pay attention to the dialog of the NPCs and the clues' item descriptions to crack the case! There are 3 clue items to collect.
3) After collecting all 3 items, go to the event page to craft the final item.
4) Deliver the final item to a specific NPC to collect the event reward.


🎁 Additional Reward (First Adventurers per region)
1. The first Adventurer from each region to craft the final item will receive:
- Special title '#Problem Solver'
- 1,000 Black Pearls
2. The next 99 Adventurers (per region) to complete the mission will receive:
- 300 Black Pearls


※ Please Note
- The special rewards are given based on the time the final item is created in the event page.
・The order of mission completion is decided based on the time the final item was crafted. You can enjoy the rest of the story at your desired pace.
- We will send out 3 hints to your mailbox at these times:
・April 15 (Thursday), 22:00 (GMT-8)
・April 16 (Friday), 22:00 (GMT-8)
・April 17 (Saturday), 22:00 (GMT-8)
- The 3 clue items and the final event item will be deleted during the maintenance on April 20.
- The event period and conditions are subject to change.

Thank you.