[April Fools’ Day Event] Whose shadow is this? (Updated)
EVENTS 2021.03.31


Greetings, Adventurers! 


Finallyhere are the answers that you might have awaited!


Quiz 1 AnswerBlack Spirit’s Warrior cosplay!


 Quiz 2 AnswerBlack Spirit’s Witch cosplay!


Quiz 3 AnswerBlack Spirit’s Ranger cosplay! 


 Quiz 4 AnswerBlack Spirit’s Giant cosplay! 

The answer to all the questions was “Black Spirit!

Did you guess the correct answer? 😝 


How was your April Fools’ Day? Was it fun? 

Thanks to everyone who have had interest in this event! 

Hope you enjoyed it :)


For those who have not got the rewards yetlogin to the game and redeem the coupon before it expires. 


Here’s the correct coupon code!

Coupon code 



Holy Vial of Splendor: Medium x1

300% Hot Time (3 hours) x1

Dimensional Fragment x2

Restoration Scroll x1000


Thank you.





We’ve prepared a quiz for everyone! 


Don’t worry thoughit’s pretty simple! 

But you need to read the questions carefully. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و 


We hope everyone can participate and receive the rewards. 😊


Let’s start right away!


Quiz 1. Whose shadow is this?

A. Warrior

X. Maewha

L. Sorceress

E. Black Spirit

O. Shai


Quiz 2. Whose shadow is this?

I. Witch

Q. Tamer

G. Dark Knight

D. Black Spirit

R. Nova


Quiz 3. Whose shadow is this?

P. Ranger

W. Striker

Y. Hashashin

D. Valkyrie

T. Black Spirit


Quiz 4. Whose shadow is this?

N. Giant

B. Musa

Y. Fletcher

V. Black Spirit

S. Archer



Have you figured out all the answers, Adventurers?


If you have completed them, place each Quiz answer in order to fill out the question marks (?) on the following coupon code and enter the code to redeem rewards!


e.g. If you consider the answer of Quiz 1-4 as O, G, D and B in order, the coupon code would look like this: BDMO-PRGL-COUD-OB4U


The answers will be revealed on April 1, 08:00 (GMT-8)!


Thank you.


※ The coupon code will expire on April 6, 00:00 (Server Time).