[March 2] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.03.02

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on March 2 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Battlefield of the Sun


■ What is Battlefield of the Sun?
It began with a war between Calpheon and Valencia in 236 E.C. The two nations were hungry for the power of the Black Stone.
Battlefield of the Sun is a battleground where crimson winds, as red as the blood of the fallen, howl. Here, Adventurers have a chance to rewrite history!


This large-scale battle mode has been unveiled for Black Desert Mobile.
It is a 30v30 (RvR) battle mode with a world matching system
where you can shine like the sun itself!


■ Battlefield of the Sun Participation Conditions

- You can access the Battlefield of the Sun after finishing the [Crimson Winds of the Desert] story.
· [Crimson Winds of the Desert] is available to Adventurers who have at least 7,000 CP and finished the [Awaken, Black Spirit] family quest.


■ Battlefield of the Sun Battle Time

Battle Type Days Hours
Battlefield of the Sun Friday / Saturday 18:00~19:00
Monday / Thursday 20:00~21:00

- During the hours Battlefield of the Sun is available, you can enter as many times as you like.
- It might take some time until all participants are ready to enter the battle.
※ The Battlefield of the Sun is subject to change. Any such change will be announced through our official website.
※ During the Battlefield of the Sun hours, all Arenas, including Ramoness, will be unavailable.


■ How to Enter Battlefield of the Sun

- You can access Battlefield of the sun through Menu > Arena > Battlefield of the Sun during the announced hours.

- When everyone is ready, sides will randomly be chosen and you'll be placed in the battlefield.
- When there are 10 minutes remanining, combat buffs will be applied to both factions.

- Upon defeating the enemy's Supreme Commander, or after the time limit is over, the faction with the highest contribution wins.
ㆍIf both factions have the same contribution when the time is over, the battle ends in a draw.


■ Notice
※ Adventurers who remain inactive for a certain amount of time while in the Battlefield of the Sun will be forced out of the match.
※ If you're forced out of the match or unintentionally exit the app during the battle, you can enter the same match twice within 10 minutes.
※ Moving areas and changing gear is not allowed until your Battlefield of the Sun match is completely finished.
※ Adventurers who forfeit and exit the match cannot participate in another one for 30 minutes.


■ Contribution

- Defeating opponents with high kill counts will yield higher contribution points.
- Defeating opponents with high death counts will yield lower contribution points.
- The opponent's consecutive kill or death count also influences your contribution points.

Enemy Kill/Death Contribution Points
Kill x10 120
Kill x9 110
Kill x8 100
Kill x7 90
Kill x6 80
Kill x5 70
Kill x4 60
Kill x3 50
Kill x2 40
Kill x1 30
Kill/Death x0 30
Death x1 27
Death x2 22
Death x3 17


■ Commander, Commander's Weapon, & Supreme Commander
- Each faction's Commander will spawn in the middle section of the battle ground.
- Defeating the enemy's Commander will cause the Commander's Weapon to appear on the battlefield.
- Obtaining the Commander's Weapon will significantly increase the Adventurer's AP.
- When a character in possession of the Commander's Weapon is killed, the weapon will appear on the spot they died.
ㆍThe Commander's Weapon AP bonus increases as more Adventurers claim it.
- When your team's contribution passes 3,500, the enemy Supreme Commander will appear at the center of the battlefield.
※ The Supreme Commander, Commander, and soldiers' CP will vary depending on the Adventurers' CP.


■ Respawn Point

- Killed Adventurers can select a Respawn Point currently occupied by their side.
ㆍTaking over the enemy's Respawn Points can be part of a strategic advancement.
- Occupying a Respawn Point will give that Adventurer and their team beneficial effects.
ㆍOccupying a Respawn Point requires tapping and holding the Capture button for 3 seconds.


■ Hostility Buff

Consecutive Death Effect: Adventurer Damage Given / Received 
Fewest (x1) 1% Increase / 1% Decrease
Consecutive x2 10% Increase / 5% Decrease
Consecutive x3 15% Increase / 7.5% Decrease
Consecutive x4 25% Increase / 12.5% Decrease
Consecutive x5 43% Increase / 21.5% Decrease
Consecutive x6 70% Increase / 35% Decrease

- The Hostillity Buff will reset within 60 seconds or when an enemy is defeated.
- The [deals extra damage to other Adventurers] effect from the Hostility Buff can reach as high as 70%. Refer to the table for more details.


■ Battlefield of the Sun Rewards

- Rewards will be distributed based on victory results.
- Additional rewards can be earned by meeting certain conditions, regardless of the battle results.
ㆍTwo types of additional rewards are available, which are based on the number of enemy Adventurers defeated and the Contribution rankings.

Condition Reward
Battlefield of the Sun Victory Medal of Honor x30
Enemy Adventurer Kill x30 Medal of Honor x10
Contribution Rank 1-10 Medal of Honor x10
Contribution Rank 11-20 Medal of Honor x8
Contribution Rank 21-30 Medal of Honor x6


■ Individual Season Rewards
- Individual Season Rewards can be obtained based on your weekly Battlefield of the Sun victories.
ㆍRewards will be automatically acquired when accessing the Battlefield of the Sun menu each week, from Monday to Friday.
※ Individual Season Reward effects will be applied each week until 23:59 on Friday.

Battlefield of the Sun Victory Effect: AP/DP/Max HP
1 50 /  50 /  250
2 75 /  75 /  375
3 100 / 100 /  500


■ Weekly Victory Reward
- Upon victory, receive Weekly Victory rewards based on the wagered EXP Scrolls and Silver.

Currency Used Reward
10,000,000 Silver Crimson Sculpture x1
EXP Scroll x10 Advanced EXP Scroll x6
EXP Scroll x35 Advanced EXP Scroll x21
EXP Scroll x75 Advanced EXP Scroll x45
EXP Scroll x150 Advanced EXP Scroll x90

※ [Advanced EXP Scroll] gives many times more experience than [EXP Scroll].


■ Sun Crystal


- Added an item that can be acquired from [Faded Warrior's Statue] sold in the Medal of Honor Shop.
ㆍAdded Items: Sun Crystal x10, x30, & x50
※ [Sun Crystal] is used for enhancing Rift Stones and is more potent than a Chaos Crystal.


■ Mystical Outfit

- Added Mystical Outfits, Outfit Tailoring, and Outfit Upgrade.

- Finish [Encarotia's Outfit Shop] story to access Outfit Tailoring and Outfit Upgrade systems.
ㆍTo access the story, one character in the family will need to have [Epic Outfit] equipped.
ㆍAfter finishing the story, Isobelle Encarotia can be found in all towns.

※ A celebration event is in progress. During the event you can move Outfits from your Wardrobe to the Pearl Inventory without paying a fee.
ㆍEvent Period: After the maintenance on March 2 - Until the maintenance on March 16


■ Outfit Tailoring

- Receive [Artisan's Skein] by Tailoring Epic and Rare Outfits.

Artisan's Skein per Outfit Grade
Outfit Number
[Epic] Armor Outfit 16
[Epic] Weapon Outfit 4
[Unique] Armor Outfit 4
[Unique] Weapon Outfit 1

※ [Artisan's Skein] can also be obtained through Bounty Missions.


■ Outfit Upgrade

- Added Outfit Upgrade system for crafting Mystical Outfits or increasing the stats of Mystical Outfits.
ㆍThe AP and DP of the Epic Outfit used in the Outfit Upgrade will be transferred to the Mystical Outfit.
ㆍThe Mystical Outfit will look like Shudad Black, regardless of the material.
- There are two methods for creating a Mystical Outfit via Outfit Upgrade.

Item Using Artisan's Skein Using Forage Materials
[Mystical] Armor Outfit [Epic] Armor Outfit
Artisan's Skein x16
100,000,000 Silver
[Epic] Armor Outfit
Wild Grass x50,000
Herb Grass x50,000
Cotton Wool x50,000
Silk Ball x50,000
[Mystical] Weapon Outfit [Epic] Weapon Outfit
Artisan's Skein x4
25,000,000 Silver
[Epic] Weapon Outfit
Wild Grass x12,500
Herb Grass x12,500
Cotton Wool x12,500
Silk Ball x12,500

- Mystical Outfit stats can be improved and modified through the Outfit Upgrade system.


- Use a certain amount of [Artisan's Skein] to change Mystical Outfit stats.
ㆍBasic Stats: +16 to +25 AP & DP
ㆍBonus Stats: +20 to +70 AP & DP
※ Restore the previous stats using [Restoration Scroll] x200.


■ Title
- Added new titles for the Mystical Outfit related content.
ㆍ"Fashionable", "Looking Good!", and "Recognize Me?" can be gained after performing Outfit Upgrade 2 times, 5 times, and 10 times respectively.
ㆍ"Tailor", "Excessive Fashionista", and "Scissor Hands" can be gained after Outfit Tailoring 1 time, 10 times, and 25 times respectively.
ㆍ"Glamorous" can be gained after equipping an Epic Outfit.


■ Lancer
- Fallen Angel
ㆍIncreased PvE damage.

PvE Before After
Lv 1 1932% 2310.35%
Lv 10 2277% 2722.91%

- Radiant Burst
ㆍUpdated the description to include [Max 2 hits].


■ Pet
- Added a function to continue training the pet.


■ Buff Information
- Added Aal's Blessed Sand to the Buff Information menu. You can now use this item from the Buff Information menu in Great Desert.


■ Crafting
- Added a button leading to an Enhance page after crafting [Abyssal/Primal Accessory] and [Mystical Accessory].


■ Holy Vial of Light
- After using all [Holy Vial of Light] a page with information on how to acquire the item will appear.


■ UI
- Fixed a display issue where at times the Black Spirit icon would appear on the character.


■ Black Spirit Plus
- Increased the duration of Black Spirit Mode from 3 hours to 4 hours.
ㆍ Black Spirit Plus will now run Black Spirit Mode for 8 hours.


■ Starting Events
- To Arms! March to the Battlefield of the Sun
・ Event Period: After the maintenance on March 2 (Tuesday) - Until March 15 (Monday), 23:59
- Puzzle Event
・ Event Period: After the maintenance on March 2 (Tuesday) - Until March 15 (Monday), 23:59
- (Pass) Great Desert Explorer Support
・ Event Period: After the maintenance on March 2 (Tuesday) - Until March 8 (Monday), 23:59
- Destroy the Asula Bandits!
・ Event Period: March 3 (Wednesday) 12:00 - March 8 (Monday), 22:00


■ Ending Events
- (Pass) Prepare for the Battlefield of the Sun


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Products
- Pearls + Artisan's Skein I
- Pearls + Artisan's Skein II
- Skein Chest I
- Skein Chest II
- All-in-One Outfit
- Battlefield of the Sun Prep Chest II
[March 2 (Tuesday) - TBA]


■ Sales Ending

- New Pearls + Abyssal Accessory
- Pearls + Horse & Pets
- Pearls + Enchantments II
- New Pearls + Totem Chests
- Epic Outfit Package