[June 2020] Known Issues (Updated on 7/3)

Greetings, Adventurers.


We would like to inform you about the issues that were found during this month. 
Our team is working hard and will fix these issues as soon as possible.


This notice will be constantly updated throughout the month.


※ Last Updated: 7/3(GMT-8)

1. Common Issues
■ Arena 
- An issue where the amount of Black Pearl for Ramoness season reward (June) cannot be seen on the season results screen
•This is merely a UI issue, thus, the amount of reward will be sent normally
- An issue where the color of bush changes under certain circumstances in the [Ramoness Arena] with iOS devices.
- An issue where the progress results are not displayed on the result window of [Ranked Arena] occasionally. 
• This is merely a UI issue and progress results are being applied normally. Please move to the game lobby or relaunch the game (App) if this occurs.
- An issue where the [Exit] button in [Ranked Arena] does not work properly.
■ World 
- An issue where [Merchantry] cannot be ended when attempting to exit Merchantry whilst possessing 50 or less food. 
- An issue where the character will occasionally not move to the destination when Knowledge for Mediah is selected from the town Velia. 
- An issue where some notifications in Node War will not appear. 
■ Pearl Shop
- An issue where certain tabs in [Pearl Shop] is not displayed correctly when the [UI Size] has been adjusted. 
■ System
- An issue where assigning a worker in [Camp] with the last previous task does not work under the following conditions:
1) when the worker's task was completed while the character was logged out from the game
2) when a different character is used to assign the last previous task
• The function works as intended when avoiding the above two conditions
- An issue where [Black Spirit Mode: Auto-Rush] is not available under the following conditions.
1) The max difficulty cleared is 3 or lower
2) The character's CP is lower than Suggested CP of Difficulty 3
•If you clear Difficulty 4 and have higher CP than Suggested CP of Difficulty 3, you can normally use [Black Spirit Mode: Auto-Rush].
- An issue where you cannot enter [Sleep] Mode (including Auto-Sleep Mode) when using certain items such as Raid Scrolls with the [Use All] button.
• You can use the Sleep function normally if you move to another map or to character selection, or restart the game (App).
- An issue where the locked [Lightstones] are included when using [Auto-Fusion] function. 
• [Auto-Fusion] doesn't work if a locked [Lightstone] exists in the inventory. 
- An issue where the UI is not displayed correctly when taking a screenshot with an emulator. 
■ UI
- An issue where certain Thai characters do not display correctly when the system language is set to a different language (Updated on 7/3)
- An issue where some UI texts are appearing way too fast (Updated on 7/3)
- An issue where the [El Pento] outfit is not displayed correctly for the Striker
•The outfit's bracelet is visible when [Show Weapon] is enabled in the [Pearl Shop] or the [Inventory]- An issue where the start time of Amazon Prime event Round 1 is stated as June 23 at 16:00
• The Round 1 will begin June 24 at 08:00 (Server Time).
- An issue where the description for [Black Spirit Mode] in certain languages is overlapped by a different window
- An issue where the indicator [New] is displayed in [Camp > Alchemy Lab]
- An issue where the afterimage remains when dragging some UIs.
• This is merely a UI issue and it happens on Character Selection, minimap list and World Boss Status Board, but it doesn't affect game contents.
- An issue where the result of Dark Energy Absorption is displayed as a form of sacks instead of Magical Residue.
• This is merely a UI issue and the amount of Magical Residue is not changed. 
- An issue where the trade button image located at the bottom right appears when entering a village in [Merchantry]. 
- An issue where the reward screen does not show any items when completed in [Power Saving Mode].  
- An issue where the difficulty level of Ancient Ruins is displayed incorrectly. 
- An issue where the Group Pass Exchange UI in Boss Rush will appear to be stuck when the game is forced to the phone menu and returned to the game again. 

[Week of 6/2/2020]

- An issue where a certain character becomes inaccessible when logging out the character without exiting Nightmare normally in case they have entered Nightmare through the Blood Kin Summon.

-An issue where the [Patrigio Guaranteed Bargain Pass] is unusable at the Patrigio's [Black Market]. 

 [Week of 6/9/2020]

- An issue where the guide message for those who cannot fulfill the conditions of using Relic Auto-Offering is being displayed abnormally in some languages.

-  An issue where the names of Altars on “Relic Auto-Offering Settings' UI are being displayed abnormally in some languages.

- An issue where the voice of Black spirit cannot be heard when touching [Speaker] Button of [Log] > [History].

- An issue where the item description for certain Abyssal crafting materials display the Abyssal items in orange text in Bahasa Indonesia and Español.

 [Week of 6/16/2020]

- An issue where using grab skills in [Ramoness Arena] occasionally moves the target user outside the normal playing field.

- An issue where the objects of [Node Manager] are invisible after entering [Settings] menu from [Node Manager]. 

- An issue where the [Change Look] button doesn't perform the action to change the appearance of outfits.

[Week of 6/23/2020]

- An issue where the materials of Cron Stone on the Craftables menu at Camp > Alchemy Lab are displayed unnaturally as time goes on. - An issue where the appearance of cacti crops is not visible on Camp > Garden.
- An issue where a notification message does not disappear after defeating the Awakened Black Spirit in Level 5 of the [Forgotten Labyrinth of the Ancients]
- Na descrição do [Kit de Encantamento], os itens [Resíduo Mágico] e [Essência Mágica] não estão sendo exibidos na cor de item de grau único. 


Thank you.