[GAME GUIDE] Stamina


Stamina is a type of ‘Wealth’ used in various contents in Black Desert Mobile 

It is useful for gathering resources, doing camp activities, and using certain shops. 



Table of Contents

1) Earning Stamina

2) Using Stamina



1) Earning Stamina

Stamina is normally recovered automatically after a certain period of time. You can also instantly recover Stamina by using a Stamina Potion. 


ⓛ  Stamina Potion

Stamina Potions vary from Small to Large and are used for recovering a certain amount of Stamina. 



②  Knowledge

Gain new Knowledge to increase your maximum Stamina. Knowledge can be acquired by adventuring through different areas within the Black Desert Mobile world. Knowledge is classified into 5 categories: Topography, Academics, Ecology, Adventure, and Character. 




2) Using Stamina


① Gathering 

Life skills(Foraging, Logging, Mining, Fishing) are the main consumers of Stamina.



② Camp

You can use Stamina through various activities in your camp. 


- Workers

Stamina is consumed when talking to a worker. You can also use Stamina to instantly complete a worker’s task. 

※ Stamina needed for ‘Talking' / ‘Encouraging’ a worker is subject to be changed. 



- Garden

Planting seeds then harvesting them takes time. You can also use Stamina to instantly harvest your crops. 


- Construction

Use Stamina to instantly construct buildings. 


- Pub

You can use Stamina to refresh worker candidates. 

If you can’t find a worker that you like, press the [Refresh] button to use Stamina to refresh your candidates. The amount of Stamina needed to [Refresh] will depend on the time remaining for current candidates. 


③ Shops


- Village Merchant

You can refresh a merchant’s item list by consuming Stamina. 


- Patrigio

Use your Stamina to reveal Patrigio’s items at his black market. 


④ Pets

Training a pet’s skill takes a certain amount of time. However, you can consume Stamina to instantly complete the training by pressing the [Complete] button. 

※ A pet’s skill level cannot exceed the pet’s level.


⑤ Amity

You can earn special rewards by gaining Amity with certain villagers. Amity can be increased by completing quests, giving gifts and sharing interests. [Interest] consumes Stamina.   

Approach a villager that has an [Amity] option. A certain amount of Stamina is needed to share interests.